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At Applewood Storage, our expert team will help you in selecting the right storage space for rent depending upon the nature and size of your belongings.

Storage Unit Guide

At Applewood Storage, we have a wide range of storage space for rent to match our customers’ individual requirements.


This storage unit is best for storing office file boxes, chairs, dresser drawers, boxes of clothes, and tall furnishings.


You can easily store contents of a one-bedroom apartment in this storage unit, including a couple of major appliances.


The unit can easily hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including major appliances and small furniture.


This unit can hold the belongings you may have in a two-bedroom apartment, including a couple of large appliances.


This unit has the storage capacity to fit in large appliances, medium-sized furniture, and other belongings of a two or three-bedroom apartment.


Store belongings you may have in a two or three-bedroom apartment or home. It can also accommodate a compact car and some other medium-sized vehicles.


This unit has the storage capacity for holding your belongings in a two or three-bedroom apartment, small boat, and medium-sized vehicles.


Store the furnishings you have in your two or three-bedroom apartment or home, boat, commercial trailer or most full-size vehicles.

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Applewood Storage has been providing excellent storage facilities to the people of Grand Junction since 1978. We work diligently to improve our services and provide the best storage facilities for our renters. Just share your storage requirements with us, and we will provide you with a solution that fits your budget.

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